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Our journey of discovery commences! Please keep your hands in the vehicle at all times. All devices with a power button should be turned off (don't ask us why). Oh, and don't stare too long at the ugly ones----they are extremely sensitive.
Have fun~

SwirlyPie is a fifteen year old dreamer living in the Big Apple, and isn't too sure what to make of it. She has a friendly, hyper personality and likes ambiguous relationships, plus she's high on life. Two of her passions in life are reading and writing, which she used to do regularly, but her recent studies preoccupy her. She's learning Japanese, Korean, and Spanish; French is somewhere in her near future. Candy, anime, and manga act as her anti-drugs, and she likes to go to anime conventions and mix it all up (usually getting sick in the process). Sometimes she has periods of anger and depression, but overall she loves life. Please pardon her randomosity and her sometimes blunt personality.
★Curiously Curious?★
If you wish to be Swirly's friend, read her Friends Only entry and comment to be added. Swirly would like to say that she wants friends who are interested in her, or friends that have similar interests. Please don't add her out of the blue.
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